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At Fiscal Performance we pride ourselves on providing the best in financial services available anywhere.  We start at posting the numbers and go on to providing full cycle accounting including taxes, payroll, etc.  We then take it one step further and offer our experience to review the numbers with you.  We can then provide recommendations to help your business grow and succeed.

We also work well with many accountants and provide them with the information they need to do their job.  Along with them, we comprise the team that will take care of the business financials.  We are more than happy to work with your accountant to do this for you.

Business experiences enough drama in the regular course of events.  We will take care of the bookkeeping and provide consistent and timely quality – again and again.  Let us take this important task off your plate so that you can get down to business.

The Taxman Cometh

Government taxes of various kinds are a fact of life for all of us in business. We help keep you in his good graces.

Your Place or Mine

We know that it’s not always easy to allow your books to be done offsite. It may just be plain impossible. We understand. We have “road warriors” that can come to your place to help.

Full Accountability

You look to your accountant to take care of you at year end.  They look to us to give them what they need to do the job right.  We’re all in this together.

Team Spirit

Business by its very nature is competitive. You need the backing of a team to make sure you stay on top. We consider ourselves to be a fundamental part of your team. GO TEAM GO!

Year Ends Completed

HSTs Remitted

High-Fives Enabled

Coffees Inhaled

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Whether dropping off your paper work or for in-house training services, visit the Fiscal Performance team at the office in Stoney Creek, between Greenhill Avenue and Centennial Parkway South.



Our Business Partners

Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success.

Strategic alliances enable us to make continuous improvements and gain access to resources we might not have had previously. Fiscal Performance has created several strategic partnerships with other like-minded businesses so that we can support and provide value-added services such as accounting, design, writing and much more!

Ask today how we can help you gain a competitive advantage through access to one of our partner’s resources!

Valuable Feedback

Tracy took over from another bookkeeper. We have an accounting system that Tracy was not familiar with and had a very positive attitude adapting and learning the system. She is very detailed and always completes accounting procedures on time. Her attitude is excellent and she always informs me of what she is doing. When I ask her any questions I get a proper response.

Bryan Sullivan

Upton & Sullivan Co. Ltd.

I have been a client of Fiscal Performance for the past year and have called upon their staff for tax advice & services for my small business returns. I recommend their service, highly and look forward to their continued service & support.

Dan De Jong

I am truly glad we chose your company to do our work.  Your staff are very professional and provide an excellent service to ensure our paperwork is kept up to date.  I am happy to know your company is on top of things and makes my job easier.  Again thank you for giving our company peace of mind.

Brenda D.

Precision Plumbing

Tracy and I have partnered on a number of projects over time. She is always enthusiastic and ready to devote 100 96 of herself to every task she undertakes. I know Tracy will take care of business with honesty, integrity and dedication

Sandi Holst

I have known and worked with Tracy for a number of years. Tracy exemplifies the kind of professionalism and attention to detail that companies should be looking for when it comes to handing over the management of their financial administration

Herb Holst


Tracy and her team were a welcome relief from the monthly burden of filling spreadsheets and hoping I got it right with my GST obligations and annual tax return preparation.  Not only did she and her team free up my time to get on with the business of supporting my clients, she also made me see that “Knowledge is power,”…

Tricia Ryan

President. Focal Point Business Coaching

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