126 King Street West - Unit 1 Stoney Creek, ON L8G 0A9   t: 905-662-9437   tracy@fiscalperformance.com

Hi and welcome to Fiscal Performance Inc.  We are a brand new company located in Hamilton and serving the greater Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area.  We welcome you and thank you for checking out our website.

Fiscal Performance is here and exists to provide our customers with the very best bookkeeping and accounting assistance possible.  So what makes us different? Well for starters, our experience.  Even though the company is new, we come with many years of experience taking care of the books for many different kinds of companies.  I myself have worked on the books for retail stores, service businesses, manufacturing companies – the list goes on and on.  Accounting companies that I have worked for in the past have specialized in just that, “broken field running” at its finest.

Every business is different, even if they are in the same industry.  A good bookkeeper will be able to adapt to not only the needs of the industry and government but to the needs of the specific business.  Here at Fiscal Performance we understand this need and can adapt to it as necessary.  Our expertise lies in not only having a firm grasp of the fundamentals of full-cycle bookkeeping but in knowing how to go beyond that and deliver a package of services that can help the company grow and prosper.  We can provide standard and custom reports based on the numbers and review them with you to analyse and highlight the performance of the business.

I would be most happy to meet with you and discuss your unique situation and requirements.  I can custom tailor a package that will take care of this important part of your business.  You need only ask.

Tracy Khamis