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It starts with an idea, a concept – the creation of a new company. Possibilities are explored.  Structure is put forward. Things get added and discarded. There are similar companies out there but this one is going to be special.

The waters have been tested. Clients are on board and work has happened and is happening. Everything is meshing the way it was envisioned and is supposed to. This is going to be awesome!

One last thing to do. Time to make it official. Time to trumpet to the world and herald the new creation. Time to administer the official “breath of life”!

Well here it is folks! Fiscal Performance Inc. is officially alive! With this blog, I am proud and pleased to present and showcase my company to you. We have it all – bookkeeping, training, consulting and a host of complimentary services. You are cordially invited to check out the rest of this website and see what we’re all about. I look forward to meeting with you to explore how quality can make the difference when it comes to your business.  Contact me and let’s begin the dialogue.

Tracy Khamis