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The Foundation of your Business Administration

Many business owners and/or managers struggle to keep the books in order and up-to-date. All too often, they haven’t the time, staff or wherewithal to do this vital but onerous task. Often, their time is better spent doing the very things that make them money and leaving things like the bookkeeping to others. It all comes down to time management and choices.

At Fiscal Performance Inc. we provide full bookkeeping services to allow you to stay focused on your business, bring in new work or drive sales and grow your company.

Below are some of the major components of full cycle bookkeeping for most businesses that we can take care of:

Accounts Receivable – The money coming in for the goods or services already provided. Careful management ensures that there is operating money for all facets of the business.

Accounts Payable – The money to be paid by the business for goods or services purchased in order to make the business function and operate. Timely payment equates to happy and loyal suppliers.

Invoicing – The necessary process of billing customers for goods or services delivered. This creates the paper trail to track and pursue payments by customers in a timely fashion.

Banking – A necessary function for all businesses, the banking needs to be executed and tracked accurately to ensure that all money is accounted for and to flag potential issues related to the money or lack thereof.

Government Remittances – Taxes come in many forms and need to be remitted or paid to various levels and departments of government in an accurate and timely fashion. Penalties and interest can result from late payment or non-compliance.

Payroll – The processing of money owing to staff. This can be processed and paid electronically and includes the management and remittance of Source Deductions (or withholding taxes), records of employment, WSIB, EHT, T4s, T5s, T5018s, T4 Summaries, and T4As.

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