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Office procedures need fine tuning?
We can help.

A lot of businesses could benefit from a well-structured and optimized office. If this sounds like you, we can bring our years of experience to bear in helping with this.


Controllership for everyone

Once the bookkeeping is in place and the training is in progress, we can offer analysis, performance reviews and proactive advice on how to create positive strategies to help you grow your company and prosper. We can help you create targets and measure them monthly, quarterly and annually. This is what it’s like to have the services of a part-time controller without sacrificing your control of the company. Talk to us to discuss how we can help with your strategy.
Report Analysis – Most business owners and managers believe that controllership is only for large companies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our experience in dealing with the needs of many companies has given us special insight into what the reports all mean and how they can be used to assist the business. We can analyze the reports and help you interpret them for optimum benefit. We spend only the time needed to be of service.

Strategies – A business without a plan is like a ship without a destination. We can bring our expertise to bear when it comes to providing winning strategies to help you optimize your business and achieve your goals. When you know where you’re going and have the plan in place, all that remains is to get on with it and make it happen.

Set Targets – Setting targets provides focus to the business and sets the agenda for various operations. We can help you set realistic and achievable targets that mirror your capabilities and that will meet your goals and aspirations. It all comes down to intelligent management of your resources and the meshing of wants with results. We can help with this.

Measure Results – All of the above is dependent on the means to verify and quantify the activity of the business. We can guide you in the creation and implementation of result measurement tools. Every business should benefit from a report card on the health of the various functions and to be able to make adjustments mid-stream if the results indicate the need. This is what being proactive is all about.

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