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Looking to incorporate?
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There comes a point for most businesses when growth dictates that it would be worth incorporating. This could be for financial or legal considerations. We can help make it happen.


Doing it right

The problem with an unlicensed industry like bookkeeping is that anyone with a computer, calculator and desk can call themselves a bookkeeper. The result is often books that are improperly done and won’t stand up to scrutiny by owners, accountants, investors or Canada Revenue Agency. You may be doing your own, or attempting to, and not necessarily living up to your own expectations.

The trick is to get it right and this involves high quality training. The team at Fiscal Performance Inc. can do just that. This can involve customized training packages that deal with your reality and go beyond the generic accounting courses offered by the private and community colleges. We realize that you may already have the mechanism in place but that it is not the finely tuned machine that you need.

The real world is full of surprises and that’s where we can make a difference. With experience garnered from taking care of the books for all kinds of businesses over many years, our staff can show you or your staff how to do it right and avoid the pitfalls that can undermine your business. Call us to find out how.

Check out our partial listing of training modules that we can provide to fine tune the financial side of your business:

Accounts Receivable – Managing this important function including invoicing, tracking and collections is vital to the health of any business. We can show you how to take care of the timely flow of money into the business for products or services rendered.

Accounts Payable – Running a business can constitute a balancing act between procuring needed products and services and paying for them to optimize cash flow while keeping suppliers satisfied and your accounts in good standing. Let us show you how.

Invoicing – The creation of a proper invoice can be a science unto itself. It starts by having a thorough understanding of the product or service offerings of the business. This then translates into a comprehensive, accurate and timely invoice. This is where our experience can help your cause.

Banking – The management of the banking function can be quite complex depending on the needs and setup of the business. We will teach you to accurately manage the banking function from the processing of deposits and payments to the reconciliation of the statements.

Financial Reporting – Various interests including management, accountants, owners, banks, investors and government have a need for information provided by the financial reports. We can show you how to generate the different reports and verify their accuracy.

Reconciling – It’s not enough to post the information into the accounting program for a business. The numbers need to be timely and accurate. In showing you how to reconcile the various accounts, we can show you how to verify the integrity of the relevant accounts.

Payroll – This can be one of the most difficult and daunting tasks undertaken for any business. It must be done right and in a most timely fashion. Staff depends on it and governments have little tolerance for errors and omissions. Let us coach you into being a payroll specialist.

Government Remittances – As an important component of the payroll process, we will show you how to properly deal with the following remittance functions: Source Deductions, records of employment, WSIB, HST, EHT, T4s, T5s, T5018s, T4 Summaries, and T4As.

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